Anise on the Little River Closes, River Shack to Open In Its Place UPDATED

Update: The phone message at the restaurant says Anise has closed and will be replaced by River Shack this Saturday. South Florida Gourmet reports there will be pig and lamb roasts.

Liza and Gigi Meoli, owners of the defunct Ouzo's on Normandy Isle, left the beach a few years back and anchored a new Greek-inspired restaurant on the Biscayne Corridor. Free parking and an interesting view of the Miami River gave them a new lease on life.

The couple offered innovative dishes from Greece, Italy, France, North Africa and the entire Mediterranean region at the start of every week. Though it was at first mildly successful, interest dwindled.



Today Liza and Gigi will give co-owner/partner, chef David Long of River Shack, some freedom to add comfort food. Gigi said, "The space will retain its rustic charm especially with the popular outdoor riverside seating while making some changes to the interior. An addition to the game room is also planned. We will still be in charge of the waterfront, in-house hospitality [but] we needed a change. We need a new look."

My take... I will miss the best couscous that I've ever tasted. It was fluffy, slightly tangy, filled with flavor, texture and smoothness. It had a hint of capers, a dash of fresh cilantro and chives, sea salt and was prepared admirably on his grill. Its loss brings tears to my eyes but hey... business is business.

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