Angelique Euro Cafe: Four-Course, Prix Fixe Menu a Definite Deal

Located on Miracle Mile in Coral Gables, Angelique Euro Cafe is both cool and a pleasurable place to eat. There's ample illumination, comfortable spacing between tables, and live entertainment (that takes requests), but the most enticing aspect of the restaurant is the decently priced four-course prix fixe menu.

The idea is simple. You can either go the a la carte route, with starters ($8 to $12), soup & salad ($5 to $14), and entrees ($16 to $28), or try the prix fixe which works out between $26 and $38; basically, tack on $10 to any entree and you arrive at the four-course price. If you want a soup or salad off the a la carte menu, simply pay the difference.

The prix fixe can include the montadito del dia ($6 on its own) -- always a Spanish bruschetta (four pieces) that changes toppings depending upon the freshest ingredients (i.e.: prosciutto) -- and a bowl of tomato soup ($5 on its own) or petite house salad ($5 on its own), and dessert ($5 to $7 on its own). There is no printed dessert menu, as four to five selections are chef's choice -- among them red velvet cake and crème brulee.

The day I was there, the bruschetta was a simple offering with diced tomatoes on top of a crisp slice of baguette brushed with olive oil and seasoned. The tomato soup has a rich consistency and is flavored well with onions, garlic, and tarragon.

The lobster ravioli entree(which brought the prix fixe price to $30) is made in-house and topped with a creamy creole tomato sauce. When owner Carlos Rossi was asked the ingredients, he replied, "Now I can't tell you that." The sauce isn't overpowering or spicy and adds an element of texture and taste to the dish, which also includes grilled jumbo shrimp and parmesan cheese.

As dessert, we chose the crème brulee. It wasn't decked out with berries or a cookie and didn't really need it. It was light with palate-pleasing clean taste and texture.

It is worth noting that Angelique Euro Cafe also offers a $17, three-course prix fixe menu for lunch. There is also a $3 charge for sharing.

Says Rossi, "We're a neighborhood place responding to the people who come here."

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