And the winning answer to CIA quiz is...

The question was this:
Only two people currently working in the

South Florida food industry graduated The Culinary Institute of America

with the highest honor accorded: The Francis B. Roth Award for

Outstanding Performance. Can you name them?

Most folks guessed Tim Andriola correctly. Neal Cooper eventually felt he had triumphed with Alfred Portale as the second Roth winner. But...Portale graduated top of his class in grade point average, but we haven't found any evidence that he copped the Outstanding Performance trophy. And even if he did -- is Portale really "working in the South Florida food industry"? Our judges say no, but since Neal came closest he gets the prize -- a copy of David Sax' Save The Deli. (Neal: I'm on vacation now, but will get the book to you upon my return).

The correct answer:
Tim Andriola

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