America's Best Fast Food Drive-Thru

QSR Magazine has completed its’ 2008 Quick-Service Drive-Thru Performance Study, and Chick-fil-A took home the gold as America's Best Drive-Thru 2008. Sherri Daye Scott, editor of QSR, explained the reasons behind the chicken chain’s success: "No bells and whistles, no out-of-the box training systems. Just a strategy focused on getting the right order to the right car in a timely and friendly manner.”

Categories in this exciting competition include speed of service, order accuracy, menuboard appearance, and speaker clarity. Wendy's clocked the fastest overall speed at 131.08 seconds, Krystal was judged to have the best menuboard appearance, and Chick-fil-A was the most accurate in filling orders and boasted the most articulate speakers -- judges were especially impressed with the way they said “Fries with that?” McDonald’s and Burger King rounded out the top 5.

Information, collected in 50 states, included a total of 5,821 orders reviewed for accuracy -- and then eaten. Attempts to speak with those who performed the study proved futile, as they are all dead.

-- Lee Klein

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