American Burger Replaces 8 oz. Burger Bar on Alton; 8 oz. to Open New Lincoln Road Location

South Beach burger lovers have probably done a double take in the past couple weeks, as Alton Road's popular 8 oz. Burger Bar was suddenly replaced with the red, white and blue branded American Burger.

Confused fans wondered, is this new ownership? A complete re-branding?

The joint's Facebook page (which was also changed to American Burger) reassured people that the ownership was the same -- Eric Fried.

(8 oz.'s original owner, Josh Woodward, licensed the name to Fried several years ago.)

One fan asked, "Name change??? So confused." Page admins responded, "Sorry for the confusion! Yes, we changed our name." And another response, "Just new name - same ownership with Eric :)."

>But Chef Govind Armstrong and crew are apparently taking the 8 oz. name elsewhere. They recently released the following statement:

"8oz Burger Bar is no longer associated with the Alton Road location. 8oz has signed a lease at a marquis Miami Beach location, 1245 Lincoln Road, where it will be opening a new 8oz in 2013 after extensive renovations. Chef Govind Armstrong's commitment to all-natural meats and outstanding quality is something he is unwilling to compromise and the new location in North Miami Beach represents the model of what Armstrong's concept is all about. The new Miami Beach location will equally represent the brand as Armstrong and his partners have envisioned it."

The new 8 oz. Burger Bar location on South Beach is the home of Kim's Chinese restaurant.

Multiple messages for American Burger's owner, Eric Fried, have not yet been returned.

Short Order will continue to update the story as additional information becomes available.

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