American Burger on Alton Road Closes

About a month back, Short Order reported on a name and location switcheroo being played out in South Beach.

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8 oz. Burger Bar on Alton Road had mysteriously turned into American Burger and the Alton Road location of 8 oz. was wiped off the restaurant's website.

We found out that celebrity chef Govind Armstrong and former 8 oz.

Burger Bar partner Eric Fried had split ways.

Armstrong took his branding

and concept with him to a new location a few blocks north, with plans to

re-open 8 oz. Burger Bar on Lincoln Road sometime in the

winter. Armstrong currently owns 8 oz. Burger Bar in Aventura. Fried turned the Alton Road location into American Burger.

Eater Miami is

reporting that American Burger is closed. A yellow sign on the

doors were placed there by the Miami-Dade County Tax Collector, stating

the restaurant is $128.50 past due on business taxes. The restaurant has until November 9 to pay the past

due amount.

On the restaurant's Facebook page, followers speculate the closing might be due in part to the recent floods on Alton Road, but Eater reports that Fried confirmed the end of the restaurant. "American Burger is now closed. That would be a very accurate statement."

We contacted 8 oz. Burger Bar's rep, who responded, "The American

Burger project was never anything we were responsible for or associated

with." There is no answer at the restaurant.

In a related story, another former 8 oz. Burger Bar partner, Joshua Woodward, was arraigned on murder charges in Los Angeles earlier this month.

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