#AlternateFacts pizza
#AlternateFacts pizza
Courtesy of Villa Italian Kitchen

Alternative-Facts Pizza With Zero-Calorie Claim Available at Villa Italian Kitchen in Miami

What would you say if someone offered you a zero-calorie pizza made with whole-milk mozzarella cheese, sausage, ham, pepperoni, and bacon? You'd probably say that person was lying.

What if that person were Kellyanne Conway, who coined the phrase "alternative fact"?

Pizza chain Villa Italian Kitchen is taking advantage of the "alternative fact" movement, made a thing by Conway, President Donald Trump's adviser, this past weekend.

The chain is offering the #AlternateFacts Zero-Calorie Meat Lovers Pan Pizza. It's a zero-calorie pizza made with homemade dough prepared fresh daily, 100 percent whole-milk mozzarella, sauce made from California tomatoes, and toppings of sausage, pepperoni, ham, and bacon.

Of course, there's no such thing as a zero-calorie pizza. Just as there's no such thing as an "alternative fact" — or is there?

The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines "fact" as "a thing done" and "a piece of information presented as having objective reality." Of course, with life in the Trump era, Merriam-Webster now has a reference to "alternative fact," citing last week's Meet the Press discussion between Chuck Todd (who hails from Miami) and Kellyanne Conway, which spurred Conway's use of the term:

Fact (“a piece of information presented as having objective reality”) spiked dramatically on January 22nd, following an exchange between Chuck Todd and Kellyanne Conway on NBC’s Meet the Press that was fraught with epistemological tension.

So whether you believe in facts or alternative facts, you can try the Villa Italian Kitchen #AlternateFacts pizza at its South Florida locations in Dadeland Mall, Pembroke Lakes Mall, Broward Mall, Sawgrass Mills, and Miami International Airport. A slice costs $4.09, and a whole pie runs $14.99. But even the cost is an "alternative fact," because the company states that prices may vary by location.

About that zero-calorie claim: Villa Italian Kitchen's website clearly states that a slice of its sausage and pepperoni pan pizza contains 740 calories. But go ahead and enjoy the pizza while there's still time.

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