Alone on Valentine's Day? Take a Cruise, Hit the Deering Estate, or Do it Cheers Style

Nothing says spending Valentine's Day unattached like flying solo for the whole day (week, month, year...). Forget the sappy crap that's happening around you, though.

Don't you dare hide in your apartment that night. Spread those chainless wings and get out there!


Singles Cruise
Screw work, and leave behind the troubles of your everyday routine. You're single! Get out there and flaunt the goods. You can have more fun than anyone who's in a serious relationship... they call it "serious" for a reason, you know.

Moonlight Concert at Deering Estate
Why does everyone assume that if you go out, you have to be accompanied with someone? I'm going to put it right out there: when people go out by themselves they draw attention - because it takes guts. Go out by yourself (tickets are only $20), draw attention, pick the one you like, and voila! You just used your solo-power to reel someone in. It's that easy. Oh, and the music will be nice, too. February 14, 8 p.m. Call 305 253-1668, ext. 233.

Lonely Hearts Dinner
Perhaps you're feeling extra gutsy and want to spend the evening eating. No problem! Leave the ice cream, Oreos and "Beaches" DVD for another time, though. That's only for really bad nights. V-Day isn't one of them. Edge Steak and Bar is offering a Lonely Hearts Dinner special for singles. For $65 bucks you can enjoy Chef Aaron Brooks' insanely tasty dishes and maybe meet someone, or a lot of people. It's not about finding "the person," but if you do, congratulations! February 14, 7 p.m. Single reservations only. Call 305 381-3381.

Your Favorite Bar or Lounge
Hey, listen, it seems drinks are getting more and more expensive these days, anyway - head over to your favorite, your usual spot (like Club Deuce or Blue Martini. It doesn't matter). Forget about being alone. Take a seat at the bar and buy yourself a nice drink (it's cheaper than going out with someone, anyway). Toast to a happy, healthy life, and should someone cross paths with you that night that sticks around until next year, make sure they plan something exquisite for V-Day. Because gosh darn it just leaving your house tonight was hard enough! For Club Deuce call 305-531-6200 and for Blue Martini call 305-630-2583.

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