All-You-Can-Eat Fried Chicken Returns to Michy's

Starting one week from today, feed your fried chicken frenzy at Michy's; it's officially back on the menu. A summer tradition that began in 2009, the Wednesday night endless fried chicken feast rewards locals for coming out to dinner during the off-season, and in addition to giving hump day cuisine meaning, it's made Michelle Bernstein's fried chicken kind of famous.

On one evening, a couple of tourists inquired meekly as to why it wasn't on the menu. Listening to the server explain that it was a) only during the summer, and b) only on Wednesdays, their expressions changed quickly. It was obviously a great disappointment, "we we're so excited to try the chicken." The kitchen whipped up a couple of plates of fried bird anyways, and delivered it with all the fixins' as usual. Satisfied customers and impressed onlookers alike reveled in the chicken. They offered a bite, we took it. We like people who share (and well behaved tourists).

The weekly special is available during dinner service for $38 per

person, and comes with bottomless sides - salad, coleslaw and biscuits,

but take heed, never ending biscuits can be dangerous. Dessert is also included in the deal.

All you-can-eat fried chicken begins next Wednesday, June 13.

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