AIWF Rib Cook Off

There's some seriously saucy Sunday shenanigans coming our way in the form of the American Institute of Wine and Food's Annual Rib Cook-off, scheduled for Sunday, October 12 at 4 p.m.. Local students from Florida Culinary, Johnson and Wales, The Art Institute of FTL, Cordon Bleu, and Florida International are going to be battling it out for the prize based on what they do with a mess o' pig ribs, side dishes, and "pork butt sliders." Top Chef contender Howie Kleinberg, Sun-Sentinel scribe John Tanaschuk, and Kelly Sheehan will be picking the bones clean and judging the results.

If this isn't the food event of the season I'll eat more pork butt. But you gotta reserve in advance: Tickets cost $45 for AIWF members and $55 for non-members and include all the pig you can eat plus wine courtesy of Cellars Wine and Spirits Warehouse.

To reserve by credit card, call 954-396-3875 in Broward or 305-663-9641 in Dade. Or send a check to AIWF, 8362 Pines Blvd. #247, Pembroke Pines, FL 33024.

Your hard earned dough goes to support scholarships for local culinary students, which will most certainly pay off in the form of mo' better sofla chefs.

The smokers will be smokin' at the Anne Kolbe Nature Center, Mangrove Hall, 751 Sheridan Street, Hollywood.

-- Gail Shepherd

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