Ahnvee Opens on Washington Avenue

The New Orleans Supper Club, Ahnvee Restaurant & Lounge (621 Washington Avenue), had its' grand opening on Saturday night. Ahnvee promises upscale dining, live music performances, and lots of Swarovski Crystal pendants.

"Our menu has all of the authentic New Orleans favorites like etouffé, jambalaya, gumbos, andouille sausage, red beans and rice, etc.," says Brionne Gillion, co-owner with Al Boatright. "But we believe in the fusion of things familiar. So we have included local fresh fish, Wagyu steaks, and of course calamari."
Let's not jump to the conclusion that this is just another misguided project aimed at a demographic that doesn't exist (wealthy people who enjoy eating red beans and rice). I mean, maybe they're just kidding about the Wagyu. On the other hand, it's probably not a great sign that of 9 photos sent to us, only one was of food -- and it doesn't look very Cajun or Creole. Darn nice crystal chandelier, though:

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