Adrian Grenier Uses His Celebrity for Bluefin Tuna

Entourage hottie Adrian Grenier is putting his celebrity to good use. He, Oceana, GQ's Gentlemen Fund, and Nautica have joined forces to fight extermination of the bluefin tuna in the Atlantic. The population of these huge creatures has been reduced by nearly 82 percent as a result of overfishing.

Our hunger for sushi and sashimi might drive the species to extinction. Premium bluefin tuna can fetch upward of $100,000 each in Tokyo's Tsukiji Market. The majority that is caught is still being sent to Japan, but sushi and sashimi restaurants all over the world are also responsible. Fishermen are taking young bluefin out of the wild and fattening them in pens, preventing them from spawning. This practice is the biggest threat to the species' survival.

The BP oil spill damaged one of two spawning sites in this part of the world. Oceana and Grenier have created the campaign "Going Fast" in an attempt to bring awareness to the gravity of the situation.

"I couldn't sit back idly while this amazing predator is being pushed to the brink of extinction," Grenier said. "We are fishing bluefin at alarming rates, and now their spawning grounds are also threatened by the oil spill in the Gulf. We need to take action and keep the bluefin from going fast."

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