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Actor Matthew Newton Arrested at Mr. Moe's

Mr. Moe's, the Coconut Grove sports bar/hunting lodge, received more than its usual share of action early Saturday morning, when Australian actor Matthew Newton was arrested by Miami police outside the establishment.

According to Newton's attorney, Chris Murphy, Newton was at the bar Friday, asked to leave, and then returned to Mr. Moe's, where police arrested him. Murphy tweeted the following statement:

News:Matthew Newton. Statement from a highly regarded, Christian

Minister/Psychologist who had been counselling MN in Miami ' When I went

the bar, I asked to see the manager. I asked him if he had been there

that night, that a friend of mine had been arrested. He said, "the

australian". Not in a derogatory way, but just as an identifier. I then

asked if he could tell me what happened. He was very vague about how

much Matt had to drink there, but said he was with a few other people.

Apparently they asked him to leave and he went out and sat on their

tables on the sidewalk. Then I guess they called the cops or there was a

cop on the street. They asked him to leave and he did and then came

back. The manager said the cops were being nice telling him to come back

tomorrow. Matt didn't leave and so they arrested him. The manager kept

saying he was hammered.'

The Minister attended the scene the day after the incident. He had spent

time in a professional meeting with Newton prior to the arrest event.

Other press reports state that the bar manager said Newton had 'one

beer'. Newton does not drink beer and witnesses state he had no alcohol

at the Bar.

Newton was charged with trespass on property after warning and resisting officer without violence to his person April 6 at 5:38 a.m. and released on $2,000 bail.

Newton comes from a famous Australian acting family and recently has been better known for his arrests -- including violating a restraining order obtained by his ex-girlfriend, Transformers actress Rachael Taylor -- than for his acting credits.

No word yet on whether any of Mr. Moe's famous Moose Juice was involved.

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