Aaah Valentines, that stupid made-up holiday nobody really cares about, except the person you're with when you forget to get them somethin'. I called up a bunch of restaurants to see  what they got goin' on. Here's what they said.....

A Valentine's Restaurant Survey

Two Chefs
8287 S Dixie Hwy
South Miami, FL 33143

Jan Jorgensen: We're probably the best restaurant in the southeastern region of the United States. if you haven't been here you missed out on 14 years of history. Im an honest restaurant that serves wonderful food, that day we're doin the best of the best. The best of 2 chefs."

210 23rd St
Miami Beach, FL 33139

Andrea Curto-Randazzo: So at Talula we are offering a three-course menu for two. We will also be offering our regular menu.  From past Valentines Days, I find that most people want to order off the regular menu - But we still like to do something a little creative for the foodies.  We have kept it fairly simple this year.  In years past we have tried "Aphrodisiac" menus, "His & Her" menus, Menus with wine pairings - They never really go over well.  Either way - we are super busy - that's great - we all need a little boost in business.  February is the time.

Our catering company - Creative Tastes Catering" - will be selling "gourmet food baskets" at Fairchild Tropical Garden.  There is a concert in the garden - "Sizzling Sandoval. For more info go to www.fairchild.com.

Su-Shin Izakaya
159 Aragon Ave
Coral Gables, FL 33134

Girl who answered: Hahah. I'm not sure. Let me toss you to someone who could help you. They calling from New York Times, no, Miami New Times...

Manager: It's the best sushi place around. We're special enough, hahaha, we're the best in Miami, you voted us. We're very friendly, very cordial, we're not gonna put you in the corner, nothin' like that, the food's the best

Sardinia Enoteca Ristorante
1801 Purdy Ave
Miami Beach, FL 33139

Girl who answered phone:We have our regular menu. We're already booked. Some people, they make reservation online, 3 weeks ago. Is much better to make reservation. You know better than me issa valentine day, people wanna go to a nice a restaurant.
New Times: Do you serve sardines?
Girl who answered phone: Is the region of Italy.......we do serve fried sardines, sometimes.

Romeo's Cafe
2257 Coral Way
Coral Gables, FL 33145

Romeo: It's a very romantic place you know, very unique, cause I don't have a menu, we make for you especial. I come to table an I ask, you tell me somthin that you know wanna eat. It's something that comes from your heart. Don't forget this my 11 year with Romeos Café. My priority is the quality. It's very personal, alla tha time, I try to keep my place very unique, you enjoy, you hava a nice dinner. Iss like you come inna my home and I cook for you.

Pascal's on Ponce
2611 Ponce de Leon Blvd
Coral Gables, FL 33134

Front Desk: We're pretty booked, people have to call and see, it's a great place, the food is the best and the atmosphere...it is a romantic place.

Ortanique on the Mile
278 Miracle Mile
Coral Gables, FL 33134

Reservations: Everybody's coming.

Barton G the Restaurant
1427 West Ave
Miami Beach, FL 33139

Dude who answered the phone: We're not doing anything out of the ordinary. We're serving our regular menu which is always festive. It's like the stimulus plan, we're not increasing our prices like a lot of other people, we stay the same, we just keep it real, we're gonna open earlier, at 5. All tables are booked.

Andiamo! Brick Oven Pizza
5600 Biscayne Blvd
Miami, FL 33137

Pizza Girl: No we don't have any specials. What you gonna do with pizza, heart shaped pepperoni? Here let me put the owner on.
Owner: We do the same menu everyday, good food everyday, everyday.
New Times: Yeah but is it fucked up to take a girl for pizza on Valentines Day?
Owner: Scuse me? This is the owner, what is this for, why are you askin me that?
New Times: It's for a New Times food blog
Owner: Oh. We're gonna be busy, this is a great place to take anybody on any day.

The Pit
16400 SW 8th St
West Dade, FL 33194

New Times: I got a special request, can we cook a ring into a French fry?
The Pit: Oh gosh, our French fries are not thick enough, we don't do the steak fries, a biscuit'll work, we have fried biscuits. No specials, but this is a great place. We have music, dancing, oh bueno, we're offering a dinner and airboat tour package. We're just having a big party, prices are low, we have live music, we raffle dinners, whoever gets up and dances and does something crazy gets a prize.
New Times: What about stripping?
The Pit: We really don't encourage anybody to strip on the floor, not in a family restaurant, perhaps afterwards.

Cita's Italian Chophouse
3176 Commodore Plaze
Coconut Grove, FL 33133

Camille: We're having several specials on our menu. 7 special entrees, 3 special appetizers. We're booked solid between 6 and 9:30 pm. We close at midnight, I have one slot at 8 pm and one slot at 9 where I could hold 2 people. We have a really cute romantic patio in the back with an orchid garden. We're a small restaurant, you get a lot of attention from the servers, you don't feel lost in the crowd. Our chef is Mike Fischetti, he cooks Italian food, from literally all over Italy, Tuscany and little towns, all our meats are organic, all our pastas are made fresh in house every single day from scratch. We'll probably play Sinatra.

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