A New Chocolate Drink Hits the Zodiac

When the largest candy in the store in the world -- NYC sweeterie Dylan's Candy Bar -- does confections, you better believe it's gonna be good. So the next time you're at Neiman Marcus Bal Harbour's Zodiac Cafe and your server asks if you'd like dessert after you've scarfed down their legendary duo of a strawberry butter drenched popver and chicken cosomme, try the latest menu addition, Dylan's Chillins Frozen Chocolate Drink. For just 6 bucks, you get a glass full of decadence made up of Belgian chocolate and finished with beyond-rich whipped cream. If you think that a tall glass of chocolate is indulgent, it is. But it's a deep, satisfying type of indulgent and not over-sugary, tooth-aching sweet, but "I've been a good boy/girl and I deserve it" sweet. And when Short Order tried it, we first yearned for a shot of liquor (because we always do) but after a few sips in chocolate heaven -- we didn't miss a thing. Sorry, Booze Hound.

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