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A Meeting of the Gluttonous Sharpe Tongues Over Bubbles and Eggs

Eat, drink and be merry.  That's the idea behind a group of wine and

food enthusiasts who gather monthly for gourmet potlucks, replete with the fermented grape.  Last night's raison d'être was

vintage champagne and eggs, in honor of Bastille Day.  

"The idea is to get foodies to put their money where their mouths are and to
share their cellar and culinary skills with others who get it," said Jeffrey Wolfe, who actually ran out of the bubbly prior to the event at his eponymous wine shop, owned with wife Christie.

Each guest brings a bottle along with their culinary concoction.  So where then, for folks without home collections, to buy the goods?

"Maybe at one of those other liquor stores," he quipped. 

Speaking of which, I loved the paté of chicken and pork liver with egg gelée that Jerry McGinley brought from Crown Wine & Spirits, but the favorite dish came from Andy and Karen Labarbera who curiously curdled their eggs into a "Chilled Lime Cloud." They now have theme-choosing privileges for the next fête.  Here's this one in pictures. 

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Jackie Sayet