Cooking Classes

A Bloody Good Kitchen Story From Knife Skills Day at Culinary School

Short Order recently overheard two line cooks trading stories in the kitchen of the Bancroft Supper Club.

Cook 1 told the story of learning the careful what you touch after working with hot peppers lesson the hard way after a post chile trip to the bathroom left him burning for an hour.

Cook 2 had this to say (in a New York accent)......  

"Back when I was in school, on knife skills day, they had us choppin shit up, and then comin round to check how we did. It had to be somewhat perfect y'know. So I'm there choppin' away, choppin', choppin'. Guy next to me, I guess he had an itch on the back of his neck, but he didn't wanna stop what he was doin'. He took the knife, I guess he thought he had the dull side down, went to go itch 'imself, sliced open the back of his neck. Blood everywhere, the stupid bastid. I said lookit this dumb fuck. He didn't last."

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Jacob Katel
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