Pork and beer
Pork and beer

8 oz. Burger Bar Announces Inaugural Butchery and Beer Pairing Series

Beer is good.

Pork is better.

And together, they make a fine pairing on the palate.

That's the idea of the folks at 8 oz. Burger Bar in North Miami Beach. Their monthly series, including a three-course dinner, beer pairings -- and a butchery class for $75 per person -- begins September 10 at 8 p.m.

Earlier this month, chef and partner Govind Armstrong ventured into North Miami Beach with a brand-new 8 oz. location. The outpost has an expanded menu, but the concept is relatively unchanged.

Except for the pork-and-beer thing.

In an effort to bring community camaraderie to the new stomping grounds, the butchery-and-beer pairing dinner will take place once a month. In addition, an Invasive Species Dinner is in the works.

Regular butchery classes will be offered on the first Monday of every month beginning next month, priced $50 to $125 per person depending on the class. Expect hog butchery, fish mongering, and everything in between.

Which begs the question: What is a burger joint doing with pork and fish?

"The culinary program really challenges my team to source locally in a region of the country where that is not the easiest thing to do," Armstrong says. "At this location we have committed to only using natural and humane proteins and delivering a quality product that is not typical of casual burger joints."

Call the North Miami Beach location at 305-830-1990 to make a reservation for the September 10 pairing.

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