660 at the Angler's $17.95 Thursday-Night Barbecue Supper

Last night marked the return of 660's Front Porch Supper, held each Thursday from 6 to 11 p.m. on the swank hotel's secluded terrace. This time around, it's a barbecue; in April, it was a $26 lobster boil. The $17.95 price includes a main course and three fixin's.The former features sweet and sticky pork spare ribs with a Dr. Pepper barbecue sauce; a baby bucket of Southern fried chicken with buttermilk ranch dressing; or Bayou fried shrimp with house-made cajun spice and Tabasco cocktail sauce. Fixin's are Jack Daniel's baked beans with bacon, pork belly, and burnt ends; grilled corn on the cob; coleslaw; potato salad; hand-cut fries, and five-cheese mac. For another $5, you can get a Firefly Vodka Arnold Palmer or, for the same price, a dessert of warm blueberry cobbler with vanilla ice cream. All in all, it's really only a two-course meal, but $17.95 is still twice as nice as the Miami Spice price.

660 at The Anglers
660 Washington Ave., Miami Beach

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