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5 Food Stories You Need to Read

Oklahoma Food Poisoning Outbreak Growing, Cause Unconfirmed

38 people confirmed sick in the Oklahoma e.coli outbreak, but that's not even the worst of the news. Now we're hearing this strain of e.coli is spreading around the country and is antibiotic resistant. To top it off, scientists are speculating that once infected, the effects can show up YEARS LATER, like a decade or two from the time you ate the raunchy burger, in the form of kidney failure or high blood pressure. Truly, this feels like the end of times....

And if you're pregnant, for god's sake, lay off the deli meat:

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Food-borne illnesses erupt with sickening regularity

...because the listeria bacteria that killed all those Canadians has adapted around best practice sanitation...

And food inflation is here to stay, says the Associated Press.

But there are occasional reasons for optimism, too. At last there's something good coming out of all the food grocery stores usually throw away, and it's right in our back yard:

From Florida Trend:


Recycler Gives Food Waste Second Life

One South Florida company is attempting to turn food trash into treasure through a partnership with Publix Super Markets Inc. How? Organic Recovery of Pompano Beach is converting the grocer's food waste into a liquid plant food for farmland, crops and golf courses. The company expects to divert about 17,000 tons of food scraps a year from local landfills. Launched this month, Organic Recovery collects about 166 tons of food scraps weekly from 56 Publix supermarkets in Broward County. By mid-2009, it expects to work with all the Publix stores in Palm Beach, Broward and Miami-Dade counties. [Source: Sun-Sentinel]

-- Gail Shepherd

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