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4th Age Brewing Headed to Wynwood, Eater Reports

When 4th Age Brewing Company's Chris Campos and Daniel Morales began their voyage into beer production, they brewed a modest five gallons a month as a hobby. But when the amount of drinkable frothy concoction swelled to as much as 35 gallons per week, costing tens of thousands of dollars, the two friends considered turning their zythological endeavor into a career.

The guys behind 4th Age Brewing have not spoken publicly about their specific intentions to establish a brewery. State records show Morales and Campos have registered a corporation under the name "Miami Beer Ventures LLC." But a brewery might be coming sooner than we think, at least according to an interview published yesterday on Eater Miami.

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In the interview, Concrete Beach Brewery's social hall manager, Jesse Morris, alluded to a new brewery in Wynwood.

"The other direction, we've got kids getting ready to open up Fourth Age, also in Wynwood," Morris told Eater.

But even before Morris' comment, there were several clues leading to this conclusion. Last year, 4th Age was listed by the Brewers Association as an up-and-coming brewery. Reached by phone last January, Morales and Campos mentioned that a space in Wynwood -- possibly near Brewers' Row, or NW 24th Street -- was being secured, but stopped short of mentioning a specific address. The reason was because the plans at the time were not finalized, according to Campos.

And 4th Age also won recognition two years in a row at Grovetoberfest, one of Miami's largest craft beer festivals. In 2012 it took home an award for best beer in the "Gasolina" category and then won best in show a year later.

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It's not clear when or if 4th Age will open. Recent phone calls from Short Order to 4th Age regarding specifics of this information have not been returned.

But if what Morris says is true, 4th Age will soon officially join the ranks of Miami's production breweries.

"We're hard-core into this," Campos told Short Order last year.

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