$4.19 Garlic Day Specials At Cafe Prima Pasta Miami Beach

Smell that? April 19 is National Garlic day, a holiday of ungoogleable origin that aims to promote the spice's many varied uses.

Whether you're slicing it razor thin like Pauly in Goodfellas or warding off vampires, this much is clear: Garlic has a legend that goes back millenia. Often seen as a cure-all, its use dates back to the building of the pyramids of Giza, ancient Greeks and Romans used it, and it has been found from Korea to England to Africa.

In honor of that, Cafe Prima Pasta, 414 71 Street, Miami Beach, is extending a trio of deals.

  • Vampire Cocktail
  • Vongole di Prima - baby clams, white wine, garlic and basil
  • Bruschetta - Italian bread topped with chopped tomatoes, basil and garlic

Each costs $4.19 for the duration of National Garlic Day. Call 305.867.0106 for more info.

Visit http://www.primapasta.com/ to find out about their 50% off from 5 to 6 p.m. deal.

UPDATE: The Vampire Cocktail is a drink made with Vodka, Champagne and Chambord, a French, blood-colored raspberry liquor. Assistant Manager Omar Alas called especially to tell us "Also, we gonna burn garlic all-a day long with a touch-a the white wine to make-a the burnt smell like-a spaghetti, garlic and oil."

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