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14Thirty-Five at the Four Seasons: All the Stone Crabs You Can Eat

Stone crab season is underway and Floridians are embracing the season one claw at a time. Restaurants across the city are serving up these succulent sea creatures, and 14Thirty-Five at the Four Seasons Hotel on Brickell just added a $65 all-you-can-eat stone crab dinner to the Tuesday night menu.

Executive Chef Patrick Boucher chose to offer a stone crab special because "it's a movement in Miami and everyone knows it's happening." The weekly evening is a way to expose many of the South and Latin American residents to local flavors and bring in die-hard stone crab fans who may not otherwise venture into the hotel. Although Chef Boucher, a Canadian from Toronto, grew up on blue crabs, he now looks forward to the season. "Like with oysters, you can really taste the sea in stone crabs." He keeps it simple, serving up the claws with a cocktail sauce, spicy mustard sauce, lemon wedges and a crisp, light seaweed salad.

Chef Patrick Boucher and Daniella Rezai
For those hesitant to get down and dirty with claws in a stuffy setting overladen with staff, fine china and silverware, fret not. "We aim to have our guests to feel comfortable -- relax and eat as much as they want while being waited on hand and foot," says Daniella Rezai, Assistant F&B manager of the property whose unwritten motto is "do onto others as you would want done to you." In other words; enjoy the pampering and check your stuffiness at the door. At least on Tuesday nights.

14Thirty-Five at the Four Season Hotel
1435 Brickell Ave., Miami

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