You Have Through September 12 to Legally Hunt Alligators

Hey, hunters, now that the thrill of python-hunting season has come and gone, it's time to get out there and kill some indigenous deadly reptiles. Yes, it's time once again for one of Florida's public alligator hunts. The season kicked off last Sunday and will continue through September 12. Of course, you cannot simply go out there and shoot gators as you please. We cannot all be amateur Paul Hogans.

According to the Miami Herald, 6,260 permits have been made available this year through a lottery (though 6,000 are already accounted for), and each hunter is allowed to nab only two gators. Hunting can take place only within 180 designated zones. Only gators 18 inches and longer are fair game, but of course true hunters go for something much larger.

There's also another catch: no guns. Hunters can use only spears, bow and arrows, or rod and reels to catch the beasts.

The Herald points out that hunters are free to sell the meat of their catch, but with permits costing $270, it's clearly not a money-making opportunity. It's more of a sport -- or a cathartic way for Seminoles fans to avenge last year's loss to UF.

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