You Can Rent Ryan Tannehill for $5,000 an Hour

Looks like Ryan Tannehill could use some extra cash. He's renting himself out for the low, low price of just $5,000-an-hour. Of course, all money exchanged between consenting adults is for time and companionship only. Whatever happens during the time, happens.

OK, no, he's not actually prostituting himself in the oldest profession in the world sense, but you can pay him to show up to your parties and stuff.

Tannehill has signed up for Tuzio.com, a business started by former NFL player Tiki Barber in which wealthy fans can pay money in order to hang out with their sports icons.

Most of the athletes involved are retired, and Tannehill is the only NFL starting quarterback involved.

So what can you pay Tannehill to do?

Well, for $5,000 he'll eat food with you, attend your fantasy draft, give you some football coaching or play a game of pick-up with you.

For $7,500 he'll play golf with you, come to a promotional event, come to your party, attend a game with you or tell you and up to 20 of your closest friends "his story," whatever that might be.

Now, if you want to be a big hitter you can shell out $11,250 and he'll come to your corporate event or speak before a large group. As a rookie QB, Tannehill received $7.653 million, and next year will be making close to $1,000,000-per-year (in a state that doesn't have income tax). If he actually succeeds as the Dolphin's first true post-Marino hope he stands to make millions more in endorsements. $5,000 should be pocket change for this guy, so the whole thing seems a little bit sad, actually.

In case you're wondering, there are a few other Miami-related athletes whose services are also available. You can have lunch with Tim Hardaway for $1,000. You can do the same with Woody Bennet for just $250.

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