Yes, The Mystery Chick from MTV's The City Did Go To UM

Laguna Beach was a vapid show I did not care to watch. It begat The Hills which is a vapid show I do not care to watch. Now, The Hills begat The City which is probably a vapid show I will not care to watch. 

But, what's this? Intrigue! Perhaps I was a college classmate The City's most mysterious new cast members Erin Williams (the brunette one with the bangs). According to some blog called As Good As It Guests the Erin in question attended UM and dated some guy from a few of my film classes. We promptly txted around and got confirmation from a "reliable source." 

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MTV has the cast cut into two cliques (I don't know, I have not watched!). It's the Uptowners and the Downtowners, and Erin is a Downtowner. Oh dear, a UM chick moving to New York to be a New York funky "downtowner," ....classic. Also, her dad is in AC/DC. 

Maybe I'll follow up with City star Whitney Port tonight (no, I actually won't). She's one of about 50 co-hosts of the party we're going to. 

Also, just for LOLS, here's a GEM we found from this As Good As It Guests blog, when one of the Authors graduated from UM in '07. The school should adopt as it's new Alma Matter, or at least recite it at graduation, because it sums up perfectly about 90% of UM kids:

After spending four years in Miami, I'm back in New York....I will miss crazy nights in South beach- Passing lines of over 40 people asking for Joey at the door, VIP access for all of my friends while guzzling free grey goose, going to sleep while the sun was waking, hurricane soaked rain boots, shopping on lincoln road, living in a mall.But now it's back to Long Island.

Why can't they all just go back to Long Island? 

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