Xavier Suarez's Son Rolling in Campaign Dough
Alex Izaguirre

Xavier Suarez's Son Rolling in Campaign Dough

In this year's City of Miami elections, the theme is "Taking It Back to the Old School," considering Frank Carollo, brother of mercurial ex-Mayor Joe Carollo, is running for Joe Sanchez's seat.

And then there is Francis Xavier Suarez, who  wants to replace Tomas Regalado on the commission dais. Francis is the son of Miami's original mayor loco, Xavier Suarez.

He's the guy who showed up at a constituent's house in a bathrobe in the early wee hours because he didn't like what she said about him in the Miami Herald.

We're guessing the special interests backing junior's campaign believe the apple has fallen very, very, very, very far from the tree, because Francis Suarez has raised $275,000 to get elected.

His campaign report is dominated by real estate-related companies as well as a bunch of lobbyists and political consultants such as Lucia Dougherty, Sylvester Lukis, David Custin, and Steven Marin. Each of them gave the maximum $500 donation.

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