WVUM Has This Free Car They Want To Give You

Radio Station give-aways are not necessarily "news," but WVUM is your non-profit student run station at the University of Miami, and this is kind of a big thing for them. It could also be a big thing for you, because really, who has the money for a brand new car right now?

Full disclosure: Working at WVUM is pretty much the only thing that made me stay at UM for four years, and this whole give away started when someone emailed me in my little music director's office (a converted closet) and said "Would you like to give away a car?" and I said "You betch'a." And then I graduated and left all the details to the new staff.

The car in question is a brand new Toyota Yaris. Sure, it's no Phantom Corsair, but beggars can't be choosers. This give away is part of the "Free Yr Radio" promotion put on by Toyota and Urban Outfitters. The same friendly people that brought you that free Walkmen concert on South Beach earlier this year. This nice benefit compilation is also available for purchase.

You have until March 15th to go to their website and enter the drawing. Good luck.

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