WTF Florida: Kid Wrecks a Dollar Store

A lot of weird things happen in Florida. We're here every Friday morning to give you the week's weirdest.

Man Arrested for Sleeping Naked on Dog Beds in a CVS

Jeremiah Patterson walked into a Lutz CVS Tuesday, and much like Goldilocks before him, tried out sleeping in some animals' beds. Perhaps the first was too soft, and the second was too firm, because Lutz grabbed a bunch of dog beds and took them into the bathroom. He then stripped naked and slept on the beds. Because the store then couldn't sell the beds, he was charged with theft.

What's really amazing about this story is that somebody somehow got to the bathroom at a CVS without going through the hassle of finding the employee with the key.

Couple Trapped in Closet for Two Days

Amber Campbell, 25, and John Arwood, 31, spent two days "trapped" in a closet at Daytona State College. However, when they were "rescued," authorities realized the two could have easily let themselves out. The couple said they had been chased on campus by someone and decided to hide in the closet.

The only thing that makes sense about any of this is that authorities smelled meth when they opened the door.

Kid Wrecks Dollar Store

This happened in Florida. Unsurprising.

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Kyle Munzenrieder