WTF Florida Friday: What Is Your "WTF Florida" Name?

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Woman Named Cherries Waffles Tennis Exists, is Arrested

A woman up in Jupiter was arrested for buying a speargun with a fraudulent credit card or some sort of boring run-of-the-mill Florida-ness like that.

The real news is that her name is Cherries Waffles Tennis. Which is not so much a name as it is the result of her parents opening pages in the dictionary randomly and naming their daughter after whatever words their fingers landed on. Ever wonder what would have happened if your parents would have done the same? Luckily we're here to help. Literally, we just thought up a bunch of words, hit "randomize" and came up with this handy chart.

Find your first name listed by your real first initial here. We've divided them into male and female sections, but do be afraid to ditch the gender binary if you see fit.

Then do the same with your middle and last initial here.

Mine's Skyblue Trucknuts Shower! What's yours?

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Kyle Munzenrieder