Would You Call Me a Dandy If I Reminded You It's National Yoga Month?

Before I moved to the Magic City, I wrote at a paper in Cleveland, where uttering the word yoga is considered as egregious a sin to your manhood as eating sorbet. But here in toned-body-capital Miami, I feel secure enough to tell you the following without fear of my boss barreling over to my cubicle to whack me with a hockey stick:

It's National Yoga Month -- kind of like National Black History Month, I guess, but with less Frederick Douglass and more incense. To honor the occasion, posh SoBe hotel and spa the Standard -- of drunk bingo and, more recently, drunk knitting fame -- will give away free weeklong passes to its yoga classes. Since we're entering the last week of September, this if officially your last chance to take full advantage. Sign up for promotion at the Standard -- or other studios offering free weeks -- here.

Even if it's not National Yoga Month, you can still find scads of free yoga in this Valhalla we call home. Classes meet three times a week at Bayfront Park. Just don't be cowed by the legion of creeps my girlfriend tells me fill the stands every session to watch.

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Gus Garcia-Roberts