Worst 'The Rock' Impersonator Ever Also Worst Person Ever

Wayne Scott, a pale man from South Yorkshire England, attempted his best American accent and called up a terminally ill teenage boy pretending to be rasslin' superstar, UM alum and mediocre action/adventure actor Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson. He claimed, as Johnson, he was put in touch with the boy through a "Make a Wish" type charity and promised to fly the boy to Miami to watch a live wrestling match. He wasn't working any money scheme either, he just appears to get his rocks off from lying.

Scott has a long history of fraud convictions, though his attorneys claim that he has a hard time differentiating reality from fantasy. After the death of Heath Ledger, he attempted to contact Tom Cruise and John Travolta posing as Ledger's father and asking for airfare to New York.

I am not Keith Olbermann, and hence not in the habit of handing out "Worst Person in the World" awards on the daily, but if I did, Scott would most likely be today's recipient. Problems with reality or not, it's never alright to toy with the emotions of terminally ill kids [via The Sheffield Telegraph]

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