World Bravely Soldiers On Two Years After Anna Nicole's Death

Anna Nicole Smith was truly a national

hero. While congress fails to recognize the day of her death, two

years ago on Sunday at the Hollywood Hard Rock Hotel and Casino, as a

Federal day of mourning, Riptide will carry on its own candle light

vigil in its hearts. Because if there's one thing Anna Nicole loved

during her life, and surely continues to smile down on from her

fluffy pink, Bobby Trendy designed cloud in heaven, it is media


Larry Seidlin, the Broward County judge who used

the legal hubbub following the tragedy as a failed audition for a

syndicated court show, recently broke his silence (ie no one really

wanted to talk to him) and granted an interview to ABC.

Meanwhile, California regulators raided the offices of Anna Nicole's doctor yesterday, for the second time since 2007.

And Anna's sweet little Daughter Dannielynn continues to be pimped by

her peroxide loving father to every entertainment news show available.

She even met Judge Seidlin, for God knows what reason. Poor child.

So Kudos to the media for carrying on their love affair with all things

Anna Nicole, even as you know, we're dealing with one national crisis

after another, it is truly what she would have wanted.

Meanwhile, we'll be remembering Anna Nicole in our own way this

weekend: popping Trimspa, bossing around the nearest blue haired

lesbian we can find, spending time with our own toothless cousin,

and erratically flipping between emotions in our favorite tight, hot

pink outfit while finding comfort in the arms of the oldest multi

billionaire we can find. 

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Kyle Munzenrieder