Woman Claims Visual Sexual Assault by Customs Agent at Miami Airport

Korine Teamer says a U.S. Customs and Border Protection agent at Miami International Airport left her feeling humiliated after demanding to see compromising pictures of her.

Teamer, a Jacksonville resident, traveled to the Dominican Republic to get cheaper cosmetic procedures. Her flight included a connection in Miami, and Teamer went through customs at MIA upon her return home.

Teamer had undergone a tummy tuck and liposuction and was traveling in a wheelchair. The customs agent apparently wasn't readily willing to accept the story. He questioned Teamer for a lengthy time and he asked her if she had any before-and-after photos.

Teamer had taken before and after photos on her phone for her personal use, and one of those photos showed her genital area.

"I took pictures of my butt from the back because I wanted to see what it looked like," she told NBC Miami. "So I had some pretty graphic pictures on there. And there's one picture of a cut down there by my vagina, because I was sending it to my doctor.

"I pulled out the phone, I opened it up, and I was showing him my before and after pictures, and in the end he was like, 'OK, thanks. You know, I never know what's going on with these types of things, so I have to double-check everything,'" she told First Coast News.

Yes, because people lie about getting plastic surgery all the time, and even if they did, it's not like they could easily find some headless before and after shots that sort of matched up with their bodies online. Sure seems like sharp security reasoning there.

The agent finally let Teamer pass, but by that time, she had missed her connecting flight to Jacksonville.

To make the matter even fishier, Teamer was traveling with a relative who'd had the same procedures and documents and was able to clear security with no delays.

CBP tells NBC Miami they're investigating Teamer's claims.

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