With Dan Mullen Possibly Headed to Florida, Where Does That Leave Miami's Coach Search?

Urban Meyer's resignation couldn't have come at a worse time for the Miami Hurricanes. While it's all just chitter chatter at the moment, it makes total sense that UF would be interested in Mississippi State coach Dan Mullen. Which is bad news for Miami AD Kirby Hocutt, who reportedly possibly had a recent brief face-to-face meeting with Mullen, considering there's little doubt Mullen would take the helm of the Gators over the Hurricanes in a heart beat if made to make a choice.

At least one sports jock in Tampa already says that "sources" tell him UF has already talked to Mullen. Take that "report" with a grain of salt, but in the hour or so after Meyer's resignation Mullen's name is at the top of the list of speculation. Even a straight Orlando Sentinel news story asks, "Is there any question that Dan Mullen will be his successor?"

Mullen and Meyer have been colleagues since they were both assistant coaches at Notre Dame, and Mullen followed Meyer first to Bowling Green, then Utah and finally UF where he served as offensive coordinator. He knows the program. He's a close friend of Meyer's, and, yeah, it's pretty likely he'll be taken into consideration.

Plus there's already talk that the only reason Mullen didn't immediately jump at the Miami job isn't because he's loyal to Mississippi state, it was because he probably knew Meyer was mulling over resigning.

That's pretty bad news for Miami. Mullen was reportedly their second choice after Jon Gruden balked.

Steve Gorten reports that Hocutt now has five top candidates and reportedly talked to at least some of them at National Football Foundation and College Football Hall of Fame events in NYC this week.

Those candidates: Dan Mullen (Mississippi State), Randy Edsall (Connecticut), Tommy Tuberville (Texas Tech), Kevin Sumlin (Houston) and Al Golden (Temple).

The good news for Hocutt is that it's unlikely any of those other four candidates will be on UF's radar. The bad news is there's probably good reasons none of those other candidates will be on UF's radar.

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Kyle Munzenrieder