With Chad Henne Injured, Dolphins Reach Out to David Garrard and Jake Delhomme

As if the Dolphins needed more problems, it appears Chad Henne's shoulder injury is pretty serious. Now multiple reports are claiming the Fins are downright desperate to bring in some new QB blood and have reached out to both David Garrard and Jake Delhomme.

Henne's separated nonthrowing shoulder could threaten to end his season, despite some early optimism on Henne's behalf that he could play in spite of it. Sure, the Fins fan base isn't exactly in love with Henne, but his performance hasn't exactly been the most troubling sign for the Fins this season. Hell, according to ESPN's QBR rankings, he's the ninth best QB in the league this season. 

Unconfidant in the prospect of back-up QB Matt Moore, NFL.com reports the team has tested the waters in bringing aboard former Jacksonville starter David Gerrard and former Carolina starter Jake Delhomme. Don't hold your breath, though. 

"Sides couldn't agree on a deal, and the prospects of a contract now aren't great," NFL.com says of both discussions.

The Fins don't seem to want to guarantee either of these guys will be around for more than a few weeks and aren't offering any sort of guarantee on base salary. 

Eh, well, let's be honest -- half of us are ready to write this season off as a loss already and are just hoping Andrew Luck is worth it. 

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