Why is Obama Avoiding the Littlest Journalist?

Damon Weaver, the ten year old journalism superstar, snagged VIP tickets to the inauguration yesterday, but was held up in the security line and missed the main event, reports CBS4. Is the Obama administration trying to censor the most trusted name in news? Quite possibly. Why won't Obama sit down with Weaver when the entire internet demands it? Weaver is known for his hard hitting questions and cutting through the bull. Is Obama worried he might have a Frost/Nixon situation on his hands?

Weaver did get to meet Oprah, Spike Lee (whom he didn't recognize), and also got an interview with Colin Powell. He also had a run in with Diane Sawyer, and the Palm Beach Post reports that Sawyer was trying to get a peak at the question he had for Obama, but Weaver demanded $20 to disclose his bombshell questions. He's also making the media rounds, appearing on FOX, MSNBC, ABC news and CNN.

How long will Obama continue his shameful cat and mouse games with Weaver? Does he have something to hide?

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