Who Will Be The Miami Hurricanes Next Coach? Here's Every Rumored Candidate

We still have mixed emotions over the firing of Randy Shannon, but it's time to move on and start wildly speculating on who will be the next coach of the Miami Hurricanes. Athletic Director Kirby Hocutt has hired a firm to assist in the quest, and reportedly the 'Canes will be looking for someone who can put the team back in the national picture and maintain Shannon's off-the-field behavioral and academic success all without necessarily offering a huge contract. There's quite a few names being thrown around right now. Here's every single one of them. 

Jon Gruden (Former Head Coach of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Oakland Raiders)

Buzz: Miami may be interested, but Gruden has issued a statement he's committed to his work at ESPN. 

Pros: How hard is it to recruit when the coach can point the program's five national championships with his Super Bowl ring finger? 

Cons: Has little experience on the college level, and would probably leave the first time he got a decent offer from the NFL. Also: see the fact this all seems to be fictitious. 

Brent Venables (defensive coordinator at Oklahoma) 

Buzz: Sports blog Sports by Brooks swears he's the leading candidate, and points to the fact he played at Kansas with Miami Ad Kirby Hocutt. 

Pros: Has run a very successful defense at OU (then again, Shannon did the same at UM).
Cons: Has no connection to the program aside from his past with Hocutt, and has no head coaching experience. No one wants someone who has to learn on the job.

Marc Trestman (current head coach of CFL's Mountreall Alouettes):
Buzz: A source tells The Herald he's being considered.

Was Bernie Kosar's quarterback coach at Miami way back in the day, and

spent time with the Dolphins. The Alouettes have reached the Grey Cup

(Canada's Superbowl) each year he's coached and won twice.
Cons: He played QB at the University of Minnesota, and that team is currently looking for a head coach. 

Mark Richt (head coach at Georgia):
Buzz: Has denied that he's interested despite early buzz.
Pros: He was a back up quarterback at Miami, but graduated in '82 before Miami really became "The U." Has also had past success in the SEC, and let's be honest, the ACC should be a cake walk.
Cons: Has the disgusting taint of having a long history as a coach at FSU. The Bulldogs are also 6-6 this year, so why replace Shannon with a coach with a worse record?

Mike Leach (former head coach of Texas Tech):
Buzz: Currently out of a job and sitting in Key West, plus he pursued the Canes job back in 2006.
Pros: Never had a losing season at Texas Tech.
Cons: The guy has a temper and the taint surrounding his departure from Tech which may worry Donna Shalala and her obsession with making sure Miami players are nothing but gentlemen. Only managed to win his conference once.

Dan Mullen (head coach at Mississippi State):
Buzz: A real possibility. Plus he seems to be a package deal with his defensive coordinator Manny Diaz Jr (who just happens to be the son of the former mayor of the city of Miami).
Pros: The former assistant at Florida knows the state's recruiting grounds, and his short run at Mississippi State has shown promise but not exactly spectacular results.
Cons: Miss State's AD seems eager to keep Mullen, and Miami may not be able to match their salary offers if they give him a raise. He also doesn't favor Miami's traditional pro-style offense.

Tommy Tuberville (head coach at Texas Tech):
Buzz: Idle chatter.
Pros: Was an assistant coach during Miami's glory days in the late '80s and early '90s.
Cons: While he lead the 2003 Auburn team to an undefeated season, his current teams sit at a disappointing 5-7.

Jim Leavitt (former head coach at USF)

Buzz: Source says...
Pros: Just stick a stake through our hearts.
Cons: He had his chance at football in the sunshine state and nothing about his tenure suggests he should be coaching any of the big three. Plus dude had a temper.

Randy Edsall (head coach at UConn)
Buzz: Just another name popping up.
Pros: Is the all time winning-est coach at UConn...
Cons: ...with a record of 73-69. Do we want another coach named Randy with a habit of finishing somewhere in the middle of one of the weaker AQ conferences?

Charlie Strong (head coach at Louisville)
Buzz: Sports Illustrated has mentioned him.
Pros: As the former DC at UF he knows Florida's recruiting grounds.
Cons: Sit at 6-6 in his first year, and may need to prove himself at Louisville some more before making a jump to a bigger program.  

Gary Patterson or Chris Peterson (head coaches at Texas Christian and Boise State)
Buzz: Token mention of a hot non-AQ coach every time a bigger job opens.
Pros: Then again, when ever one of those non-AQ coaches makes the jump to the big league there's usually success. Just ask Urban Meyer. 
Cons: They're both most likely happy where they are, or could hold out for a bigger paycheck elsewhere. Plus talk about a culture clash. Oh, and apparently TCU is heading to the Big East.   

Mario Cristobol (head coach at FIU)
Buzz: Nothing major, but there's local speculation.
Pros: Played at Miami, and as FIU's coach he knows the local recruiting area quite well.
Cons: He is FIU's head coach. There'd be a lot of pride to swallow.

Other names being thrown around: Mike Stoops (head coach at Arizona), Mark Mangino (former head coach at Kansas), Ken Sumlin (head coach at Nevada), Chuck Long (offensive coordinator at Kansas), and Bob Stoops (head coach at Oklahoma).


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