Who Wants to Move to Miami? Dudes, the Uneducated, The Youth, Moderates and Liberals

The Pew Research Center exists to call you up on your phone and ask you weird questions in order to gauge public opinion. Sometimes these questions are important, other times it seems they exist just for editorial fodder and the pleasure of statistics freaks. Recently, they picked the top 30 metropolitan areas, including major cities and their suburban surroundings, in America and asked all sorts of Americans whether they'd like to live there or not. I'm sure there's some more important use for this data, but, alas, we're always on the hunt for fodder.

Miami came in at number 12, with 28 percent of Americans saying they wouldn't mind living in our city or its surrounding areas. The place is much more popular amongst men than women, with 35 percent of guys saying they'd like to live in Miami, putting it in the top 10 amongst that gender. Only 22 percent of ladies would like to live here.

Other interesting findings: People with only a high school degree or less prefer Miami at a much higher rate than those with college degrees.

Uneducated men prefer us? Those demographics make us sound like the Republican Party.

Luckily, we have the youth advantage. 45% of Americans 18-34 said they

wouldn't mind living in Miami. We're also the 10th most popular city

amongst Independents and Moderates. Democrats and Liberals also prefer

Miami at a higher rate than Republicans and self-described moderates.

In fact 36% of hippie communists wouldn't mind living in Miami, while

only 22% of wingnuts wouldn't mind being your neighbor. Making us the 10th most adored city of Liberals everywhere (except for Moscow circa the 1920's, obviously).

Miami likely benefits from its weather, but we seem to be less popular

than Orlando (#4 overall, Ew, America, Orlando really? You know it's

not all Disneyland and is hours from the beach?) and Tampa (#5

overall). But in terms of cities well known outside of America, you

know, the ones that actually matter, we're doing good. More Americans

would rather live in Miami than D.C., Chicago, New York or Los Angeles.

You can view the full report in .pdf format here.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.