When It Comes to Sex, Miamians Like It Long and Often

Wow, Miami, you seem to be having a lot of sex. Apparently, you hump like rabbits. So let's hope you're familiar with Trojan Condoms, because lots of sex + no condoms + Miami = disaster waiting to happen. The jimmy hat brand recently surveyed sexual hobbyists across the nation and found that more than anywhere else in America, Miamians like it long and often.

Miamians have sex, according to the survey, 102 times a year. That's the most in the nation. The average is 82 times. That's just under twice a week.

Miami also has the longest sexual session of any other place. We go hard for 35 minutes, while the rest of the country averages 27 minutes.

So if the average Miamian is having sex 102 times a year for 35 minutes, does that mean they'd be screwing for about 59.5 hours over the course of a year?

Trojan also found that 27 percent of Miamians have had sex during a hurricane, compared to the national average of 7 percent. We're guessing that's just because we have more opportunities. Plus when the winds knock out the power lines, there ain't much else to do.

Also, 55 percent of us have had sex on the beach compared to 39 percent nationally. Obviously, it seems, again, like a matter of more opportunities. But 55 percent of us? Really? Those beaches get packed, so we're just wondering about the logistics.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.