What's Next for Mayor Diaz?

Riptide is of the opinion that Mayor Manny Diaz's political career will be far from over when his final term runs up next year, if he so chooses. His term as President of the United States Conference of Mayors and speech at this year's Democratic National Convention raised his profile and political capitol, and while he was a late comer to the Obama camp, he eventually became an enthusiastic supporter. So what's next for Mayor Manny? An official switch to the Democratic party from his independent status? A 2010 congressional run? Is throwing his name into the pot of potential Mel Martinez opponents too much? Maybe something closer to home? Though, he wouldn't have to appease the Democratic party as he has to win, say, Miami-Dade County Mayor.

Eye on Miami has thrown about the idea of a possible appointment for Diaz somewhere in the Obama administration. A few months back the unrelated Eyes on Obama blog theorized that Diaz may be a contender for Secretary of Housing and Urban Development. Diaz's urban credential are somewhat solid (as much as many big city mayors, though not a genius in solving the affordable housing problem) and his speech at the DNC dealt with urban issues.

According to reports Obama met with Latino leaders, who pushed him to atleast name two Hispanic cabinet members, but preferably three along with many sub-cabinet appointments. Though, the recent lists of gossipy leaked lists doesn't have Diaz's names anywhere near it for Cabinet level positions, and the leading name for HUD is Obama confidante Valarie Jarrett.

--Kyle Munzenrieder

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