Watch Marco Rubio Hit a Kid in the Face With a Football

Watch Marco Rubio Hit a Kid in the Face With a Football

Marco Rubio is a big Dolphins fan, so it's quite possible that after watching Ryan Tannehill struggle with last year's crop of receivers that this is just how he thinks football is played now. 

Rubio was hanging in Iowa with his family for the Iowa State Fair, and started up a game of catch with his kids and other children in a neighborhood in Ankeny, Iowa. 

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Then this happened. 

The kid is OK, but the Internet busted a gut over it. 

Of course, THE LIBERAL MAINSTREAM MEDIA is painting this as Rubio's fault, while clearly it's the kid's for not being able to catch it,  as many are pointing out. 

Anyway, it's the middle of August, and this is what we're talking about. Apologies to all. 

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