Wade, Dwyane Wade: Watch Him Fly Through the Skies of Downtown in New Jordan Ad

So last night's Heat game against the Celtics was a painful thing to watch. Granted, if that was the Heat playing at its worst against one of the league's other premier squads in very hostile territory, we probably don't have anything to worry about this season. That's what we'll tell ourselves anyway after watching Miami lose 88-80.

Anyway, did you catch Dwyane Wade's new ad for Nike's Jordan brand? He played a James Bond-style superspy, and we're really not sure what to think.

Even as the first non-Michael Jordan spokesman for the Jordan brand, Wade has to make reference to LeBron James in his own ads. In the opening seconds, he says, "His majesty is in good hands," referring to King James.

After that, it's all Wade, starring as some sort of amped-up, Bondesque agent taking on villains in the Magic City as he flies through downtown and then lands on a motorcycle speeding on I-95 on a mission to bring the championship rings back to Miami.

Then he takes on some unseen baddies, including the Green Gang, the Illusionist, and the Snake Charmer. Obviously, the first two are references to the Celtics and the Magic, but are we stupid for asking what the Snake Charmer represents? Yes, probably, but someone tell us.

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Kyle Munzenrieder