Vontae Davis Showed Up to Dolphins Practice Drunk

Vontae Davis, the Dolphin's 2009 first-round draft pick, didn't play in Sunday's game. Rumors sparks that that Davis was left back at home because he got into a fight with Brandon Marshall, but apparently that's not true. Or at least it's not the full truth. Apparently, Davis was actually sidelined because he showed up to practice on Saturday morning drunk.

Apparently hoping to head off the full truth, Davis's camp leaked to NFL.com that the cornerback was benched because he was get into a shouting match this week with Brandon Marshall. Strangely, though, no one in Marshall's camp was aware that any confrontation took place.

Davis had been sidelined since Week 2 because of a hamstring injury, but was involved in practice this week. The team would only say that he didn't skip the trip to Kansas City because of injuries.

However, Armando Salguero of the Herald reports that Davis showed up to practice drunk, or at least seriously hungover:

But the reason most responsible and most alarming about Davis missing Sunday's game against the Chiefs is that the Dolphins believe Davis was drunk the night before the Saturday practice to which he was late. And when he showed up at the Miami facility, a source said Davis had the smell of alcohol and was suffering from an apparent hangover.

Come on Davis. Shouldn't you have at least waited until the Fins won a game to celebrate?

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