Virginia Man Stuffed Mom in Trunk Because She Wouldn't Move to Miami With Him

Regelio Lopez, 20 of Richamond, Virginia, apparently had big dreams of heading I-95 and starting a new life in Miami. The problem is he didn't have anyone to move with. Even his own mother wouldn't come. So he stuffed her in his trunk and tried to make her move anyway.

According to TheTandD.com, police along the Eastern Seaboard were told to be on the lookout for the green Cadillac Lopez was driving. The car was reported to be involved in an assault and possible kidnapping. On February 26th at about 6:30 p.m. Highway Troopers in South Carolina spotted the car at an I-95 rest stop.

They approached the vehicle and found Lopez's mother in the trunk.

Lopez told police that he stuffed her in the trunk because she wouldn't move to Miami with him. When asked why he replied, "I was alone."

At one point during the trip Lopez stopped at a Dairy Queen to get his mother some food. (Always remember to feed your trunk mother kids!) She tried to escape but Lopez struck her in the ribs and forced her back into the trunk. All-in-all the woman was in the trunk for more than five hours.

Lopez was arrested and transported back to Virginia. He now faces kidnapping and assault charges. His mother was checked out at a hospital but found to be in good condition.

Here, in case you're curious, is video of Troopers rescuing the mother from the trunk:

NBC12.com - Richmond, VA News

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