Video: Tarpon "Swallows" Man's Arm at Keys Tourist Attraction

Anyone whose headed down U.S. 1 in the Keys has likely stopped at Robbie's in Islamorada. Its docks are famous for attracting dozens of huge tarpons, and the place sells buckets of bait fish so you can hand feed them.

Well, usually they just eat the fish. However one man ended up in an epic struggle as his entire arm ended up inside the fish.

Gawker claims that the fish "Swallows His Arm Whole." The Sun reports that the "gigantic fish leaps from the water and latches onto his arm causing on-lookers to scream." The Daily Mail says the man was "swallowed up."

They might want to take a closer look.

It's hard to tell exactly what happens. The guy has his right arm out with the bait, and the fish jumps up, but almost instantly the man shoves his left hand into his gills. The man then manages to free his right hand, but still has his left hand stuck in the fish, and has to pull it up to the dock to get it loose.

The moral here: if you have one hand stuck in a fish, its probably best not to get the other hand also immediately stuck in a fish

A quick search of YouTube reveals that his kind of thing happens pretty regularly without such dramatic results.

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Kyle Munzenrieder