Video: Peace & Murder in Liberty City

There was a time when Liberty City's 15th Avenue was a hotbed for block parties DJed by the likes of Luke Skyywalker, Bo the Lover, and the Funky Fours. Harry Reese, president and CEO of Jesus Team Sports Inc., told us about his days growing up in that era and how being a leader and not a follower helped him make the decisions that kept him alive. Today, his program uses sports to encourage academics. Reese can be found at the Liberty Square Community Center in the Pork 'n' Beans Projects, Florida's oldest public housing development.

This week, Francisco Alvarado's cover story touches on Liberty City's 15th Avenue, an area beleaguered by drugs and violence. The video below will introduce you to some of the characters in the story and give an idea of what people are doing to stem the flow of blood through the streets of Miami.

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