Victoria Jackson's Weird TV Appearance: She Thinks Homosexuality is a Sin, But Loves Her Gay Friends

Perhaps in an alternative world Miami-native Victoria Jackson's post-SNL career could have been as a gay comedy icon. What better audience for her squeaky voice and kitsch comedy than the gays (who do you think still goes to Judy Tenuta shows?). Instead she's a right-wing wacko who attacked Glee for showing a gay kiss. She tried to defend her stance on Showbiz Tonight, but just gave a bizarre interview filled with references to biblical passages.

So nice that when they actually show the gay kiss on Glee, she makes a point to cover her eyes and shudder.

Don't worry though. She's not a homophobe, because "homophobia" doesn't actually exist. It's just a "cute little buzzword of the liberal agenda."

She does add that "I have gay friends, and we love each other..." before the interviewer cuts her short. Anyway, we're going to go watch some Judy Tenuta stand up that follows her own wacky religion, Judy-ism.

[Wonkette: Former 'SNL' Player, Current Bigot Victoria Jackson Running for President]

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Kyle Munzenrieder