Vancouver Riots: At Least Miami Heat Fans Didn't Burn The City Down After Dallas Won

Professor Charles Barkley, a noted sociologist and all around portly fellow, recently proposed a hypothesis that the Miami Heat "have the worst fans."

Chuck, you might want to watch some video of what went down in Vancouver last night. Because we're pretty sure that burning your city's downtown to a crisp after losing a playoff game is a worse crime of fandom than having too many Ed Hardy wearing rich guys in the front row at AA.

The Boston Bruins destroyed the Canucks on their home ice last night, with goalie Tim Thomas pitching a shutout while one-time-Florida Panther Roberto Luongo imploded for three goals.

The Canadian masses, it is fair to say, did not deal well with the disappointment.

The worst crime that went down in Miami on Sunday was some traitorously delirious partying with Mark Cuban by some supposedly hometown celebrities at LIV. Canucks fans decided, instead, to go completely bananas on any unattended cars and shop windows near the arena. Check it out:

How long until Barks finds a way to blame this sad scene on LeBron?

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