University of Miami Trying to Schedule Football Games Against Penn State

The Scandal Bowl? The Lack of Institutional Control Bowl? The Mark Emmert's Credibility Memorial Bowl? 

Apparently, the University of Miami wants us to put on our brainstorming hats and come up with dumb puns by pushing forward with a future football game against Penn State. 

Here's the little tidbit from The Herald's Berry Jackson

UM said it's optimistic about finalizing a future football matchup (one or more) with Penn State, year undetermined. A neutral site is a possibility.

Penn Live confirms the report from Penn State's side. 

The game could be exciting for other reasons. Hurricanes coach Al Golden is a Penn State alum. The team do have history too, most notably the 1987 Fiesta Bowl. But, lets be real, at the moment, all anyone is thinking is "Scandal Bowl!" as both team's were involved in the NCAA's two most recent controversial investigations. 

Though, the game (or games) would not likely make it on to the schedule until 2017. Hopefully both team's NCAA messes will be long behind them at that point. 

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